The Firm

Hartwell was founded in 1961 by John M. Hartwell, a pioneer of growth stock investing. In 1966, Hartwell became an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. In 1994 Hartwell became the first affiliate of Affiliated Managers Group (AMG: NYSE), which has more than $700 billion in assets under management. Hartwell employees and AMG own 100% of the firm. Our investment team averages over 30 years of investment experience.

For over five decades, J.M. Hartwell LP (Hartwell) has focused exclusively on growth stock investing. We employ a disciplined, fundamental, bottom-up approach to investment management. Hartwell manages investment portfolios for a wide range of clients including pension plans, foundations, endowments, and individuals.

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Our Mission

To provide excess returns over the relevant indexes by holding a select number of growth stocks while maintaining a focus on preservation of capital.

Our Investment Philosophy

We firmly believe that growth stocks have an important role in all portfolios. It has long been our conviction that, by investing in growth companies that are fundamentally sound, we need be less concerned about the market’s short-term volatility and can be more confident, over time, of achieving above-average portfolio appreciation.

Hartwell defines a growth stock by a company’s ability to generate sustainable unit volume growth while maintaining pricing flexibility. The investment process at Hartwell begins with a “bottom up” approach examining the fundamentals of individual companies and their industries.  Bottom-up analysis include dissecting financials, management dialogue, on-site meetings, industry cross references, and interacting with sell-side and industry analysts, among others. Learn More >>