Concentrated Growth Portfolio

The Hartwell Concentrated Growth Portfolio is a long/short equity fund that attempts to maximize long-term total return by holding a concentrated portfolio. The Fund invests primarily in growth-oriented companies. The Fund combines bottom-up fundamental research with proprietary technical analysis which we believe allows it to have the most amount of capital allocated to its best ideas.

The Fund intends to invest long in securities of companies with attractive earnings growth potential, top management teams and that have attractive valuations which we believe offer the opportunity for price appreciation. Our shorts may include securities of companies that we believe are troubled, overvalued or displaying deteriorating fundamentals. The investment philosophy for the Fund reflects its long-held belief that earnings growth is a key determinant of value creation over time.

The key to our “bottom-up” philosophy is fundamental, company-specific and sector research carried out by our investment team, which has on average, investment management experience of 25 years. Preference is given to those companies with sustainable long-term earnings growth prospects, and we seek to identify company- and industry-specific catalysts or events that may aid appreciation or depreciation of a company’s securities, held long or sold short respectively, by the Fund.

The Fund has a number of risk management guidelines in place which we believe will allow it to achieve sustainable superior results over time with low volatility. A few of these guidelines are:

  • typically limiting gross exposure to below 100%
  • typically invest in liquid stocks
  • positions are sized to an initial pre-determined stop risk level and we continually update our exit levels as profitable trades develop.

The General Partner of the Fund is majority owned by Affiliated Managers Group (NYSE:AMG) and they provide legal, compliance and regulatory assistance to the General Partner.

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