Conservative Growth Equity

J.M. Hartwell’s Conservative Growth Equity strategy seeks to maximize long-term total return by structuring a diversified portfolio of 40-50 reasonably valued small, mid and large capitalization companies which are experiencing significant growth. The portfolio is more weighted to mid & large cap companies. The strategy seeks a total return that exceeds the S&P 500 Total Return index return over the long-term.

The strategy identifies growth companies that have a catalyst to drive or maintain and accelerate their growth. The strategy looks for additional companies that are benefiting from the same trends to build the sector weightings. While the strategy generally emphasize a few growth sectors the portfolio is diversified among a number of sectors.

Portfolio holdings and their industries are monitored to make certain they retain the fundamentals that led to their selection. Portfolio positions are sold if the fundamentals deteriorate, the rationale for purchase is no longer valid, or a more attractive investment alternative is available.

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